The Challenge

Christchurch International Airport is the gateway to the South Island. It employs approximately 180 staff, has over 5,000 cardholders using the security system and up to 15,000 visitors to the airport each day.

With interchangeable domestic and international air bridges a unique door and zone management system was required.

ECL Group Solution

The project required a high level of engineering and design. ECL Group developed a fully automated swing gate system, able to be operated by air crew, and allowing multiple air bridges to be used as either domestic or international arrivals or departure gates.

This project incorporates state-of-the art technology and Gallagher - Cardax access control. The system has more than 400 access control doors and 300 CCTV cameras throughout the terminal. It allows airport operations staff to monitor every swing gate and access point and ensures the customs screen process is secure, while allowing full access for emergency personnel.

As the new Christchurch Airport terminal was upgraded, ECL Group was able to expand the security and swing gate system as required.

Client Outcome

This world-first system meets Aviation New Zealand security requirements and has been extremely successful since its installation. ECL Group has been responsible for installation of this system from conception. Services have included access control and PLC hardware installations, through to software configuration and system management.

“Since 2008 when ECL Group began providing access control solutions to Christchurch International Airport, we have gained a great deal of confidence in both the products and service we receive from them. ECL Group always ensured a methodical approach and despite the many restrictions placed on them around work times, security screening, health and safety, none of these became an issue.
I would be more than happy to recommend ECL Group.”

Tim Morris
Operations Manager
Christchurch International Airport