The Challenge

The contract included full BWOF compliance delivery and management, through scheduled monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual inspections to their geographically dispersed buildings.
The buildings are critical to NZ’s infrastructure and must be kept operational at all times.
Transitioning a portfolio of 500+ buildings, each with varying levels of inspections and maintenance required all within a short timeframe.

ECL Group Solution

The situation required urgent transitioning to ensure on-going operation and compliance requirements were being met. ECL Group Compliance Services dedicated a transition team to recruit, train and mobilise the required inspectors throughout the country, able to fully utilise the 18 NZ ECL Group branches and depots to support the team.
Using project ‘Connect’ to provide an online dashboard and portal with the ability to schedule, monitor, report and log a job, all in real time, provided an innovative way to see exactly how their critical assets were performing. This provides knowledge that can be useful in the on-going asset management and maintenance plans.

Client Outcome

Backed up by our 24/7/365 Wellington based service desk and utilising our real-time inspection and reporting platform, ECL Group Compliance Services provides full transparent and timely BWOF inspections and certification, removing the risk of infringement notices and providing peace of mind that their buildings are being effectively managed.