The Challenge

Due to the impact of the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, the Christchurch Police required new premises urgently to house their Central Police Station. The timeframe for the construction project was greatly compressed and the project managers Apollo Projects needed partners to deliver complex solutions fast.

ECL Group Solution

The ECL Group was commissioned for the design, specification and installation of the electronic security system for the premises, including the installation of CCTV, access control, automated gates and intruder detection for this high priority and high risk site.

All equipment is linked to ensure all systems work optimally back through an ECL Group integrated panel, ensuring ongoing service requirements are kept to a minimum.

Client Outcome

A part of the system, the ECL Group linked all electronic security equipment through to the Police National Command Centre based in Wellington. Through strong project management, in house design, and the smart technical ability of the ECL Group technicians, the project was delivered for the New Zealand Police on time and within budget.

As a result of this successful project, the ECL Group has been accredited as one of the Apollo Projects “Valued Partners”