The Challenge

As a result of prisoner escapes, the Department of Corrections embarked on a tender process to install electric perimeter fencing at a major New Zealand prison. The objective was to ensure no further escapes occurred and that any attempted escapes could be detected immediately by the prison monitoring centre.

ECL Group Solution

The ECL Group was the successful company to undertake the installation of the perimeter electric fence designed firstly as a deterrent, but also had the ability to alert guards and pinpoint the location of any escape attempt.

The system was designed by the ECL Group technical engineers, and when completed consisted of 98,000 components, 2.3 kilometres in length, 37 wires high, and performed at 15,000 volts. To assist with identification of escape attempts, the perimeter fence was linked to CCTV cameras installed by the ECL Group around the fence line.

Critical Outcome

As a result, in the five years since installation, there has never been a breach of the fence, even after a number of prisoner attempts. ECL Group technicians undertake periodic maintenance to ensure the system works to its maximum effectiveness.