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ECL Group Corporate Office

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ECL Fuels Tenders & Pricing:

Phone: +64-4-802-8400

For queries relating to the following companies please contact:
Sitecare (Formerly ECL Sitecare now Sitecare part of Optima Investments Limited):
Evotek Technologies (Formerly ECL Security now Evotek Technologies part of Optima Investments Limited):
Compliance Consultants (Formerly ECL Compliance now Compliance Consultants part of Optima Investments Limited):
Flowpro (part of Optima Investments Limited):

24 Hour Helpdesk and Technology Solutions

Phone: +64-4-802-8400

Role: General Manager Technology Solutions

Email: YW5kcmV3LnBlYXJjZUBlY2xncm91cC5jby5ueg==

Fuel Systems New Zealand

Phone: +64-4-802-8400

Role: General Manager Operations

Email: ZGF2aWQucGFya2VAZWNsZ3JvdXAuY28ubno=