The Challenge

The nature of a mission critical data centre, typically housing data for Government and large corporate clients means all risks associated with reliable backup generator power need to be mitigated to ensure continuity of service.

Stored diesel fuel is susceptible to microbial contamination (often referred to as “Diesel Bug”) due to the unavoidable presence of water and bacteria.

It is vital that the elements which cause contamination are removed to ensure generators receive pristine fuel at all times. Traditional treatments rely on the use of biocides can lead to the development of resistant strains of bacteria.

Left unmanaged, backup power failure can result in irrecoverable loss and disruption to business continuity. ECL Group was commissioned to install their FuelTender system to mitigate this risk.

ECL Group Solution

ECL FuelTender was installed to remove the causes of contamination on a permanent basis. The unit cycles fuel removing water, particulates and destroy the bacteria, yeasts and fungi to remove the risk of contamination.

This customers site has 3 x 1.8 MW Caterpillar V16 Generators with the ECL FuelTender installed to protect each 20,000 litre storage facility, ensuring pristine fuel is available at all times

Critical Outcome

Independent laboratory tests fully validate the systems performance to provide an assurance of contaminant free fuel and reliable generator running.

As a critical service provider, ECL Group Fuel Systems can be relied on to provide proven solutions to clients fuel management needs.