ECL Group is the exclusive service provider of electronic security services to Air New Zealand.
Triquestra and ECL Group join forces to support companies seeking continuous innovation of the customer experience.
The project required a high level of engineering and design.
ECL Group has worked closely with Chevron New Zealand to deliver training programmes both in-house and on Caltex sites to improve health and safety standards.
BP New Zealand required 100 sites across New Zealand to be upgraded to a new global point of sale system, without disruption to customers or trading activities.
Two Mobil Service Stations required complete replacement.
ECL Group Site Care is heavily engaged in maintaining the environmental systems on fuels sites throughout New Zealand by maintaining the site waste systems to maximum effect.
The nature of a mission critical data centre, typically housing data for Government and large corporate clients means all risks associated with reliable backup generator power need to be mitigated to ensure continuity of service.
ECL Group provides national plumbing service to maintain aged care facilities.
ECL Group designed and manufactured a secure key safe to manage and monitor all onsite keys.
ECL Group was asked to help introduce a new blended ethanol fuel product to the New Zealand market.
As a result of prisoner escapes, the Department of Corrections embarked on a tender process to install electric perimeter fencing at a major New Zealand prison.
Initially ECL Group successfully trialed the Gallagher - Cardax access control system in a single building.
The Canterbury DHB includes 16 hospitals and dental centres from Kaikoura to Ashburton, with a complex network of health professionals, multiple departments and building configurations.
Due to the impact of the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, the Christchurch Police required new premises urgently to house their Central Police Station.
Due to the on-going late issuing of BWOF’s to buildings within their portfolio, the increased Legal exposure under the Building Act 2004 and potential closure of critical buildings, this leading NZ infrastructure provider has contracted ECL Group Compliance Services to manage their 500+ sites throughout the country.